Unusual News In Asia:Chinese Man Has His Hand Surgically Placed Onto His Ankle

A man’s right hand was severed on the 10 November, as a result of an industrial accident. Doctors have since sewn it onto his ankle, and in a month he will undergo reattachment surgery. This was done to keep his hand alive during the wait! Doctors have said that it is very likely that the reattachment surgery will be successful but only after his right arm has been recovered.

The first hospital that Xiao Wei visited said that they could not save his hand, however luckily Mr Xiao was referred to a larger hospital in Changsha,(seven hours after the accident) where they could do so. Speaking about the accident Xiao said “I am still young, and I couldn’t imagine life without a right hand.”

Cairian Healy (of the Royal College of Surgeons in England) says that procedures like this are rare, but not unheard of, and that Chinese doctors are pretty experienced in microsurgery. For example Chinese doctors have even grown a nose on a man’s forehead, to replace his original nose which was damaged as a result of a car crash. I don’t see NO British surgeon doing something as cool as that…
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